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Garden of Allah Novels Trilogy ("The Garden on Sunset" - "The Trouble with Scarlett" - "Citizen Hollywood")ALL THREE NOVELS


Sunset Blvd Hollywood 1927

When three ambitious newcomers answer Hollywood’s siren call, they find an unlikely home at the Garden of Allah Hotel. It is there that they—a troubled screenwriter, an ace girl reporter, and an aspiring actress—forge the bonds of friendship that keep them hopeful, keep them reaching, and keep them loved in a town that wants to eat them alive.

Martin Turnbull’s Garden of Allah series transports you to the moment before talking pictures slugged Tinsel Town in the jaw. In 1927, luminous silent-screen star Alla Nazimova converted her Sunset Blvd estate into the Garden of Allah Hotel. Soon after she opened those lush grounds and receded into its shadows, some of Hollywood’s most talented hopefuls checked into her bungalows and began to meet, drink, and revel through the long Los Angeles nights.

George Cukor swims laps in the Black-Sea-shaped pool, Tallulah Bankhead knocks back martinis by the bucketload in the Sahara Bar, and Scott Fitzgerald slips behind the bougainvillea with his lover, Sheilah Graham.

When Marcus Adler, Kathryn Massey, and Gwendolyn Brick move in and make friends, we’re whisked along with them to leap and lurch, live and love through Hollywood’s golden years.

If you like Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City books, you’ll love getting lost in the Garden of Allah.


"The Garden on Sunset" - book 1, the Garden of Allah novels

"The Trouble with Scarlett" - book 2, the Garden of Allah novels

"Citizen Hollywood" - book 3, the Garden of Allah novels

Garden of Allah Novels Trilogy ("The Garden on Sunset" - "The Trouble with Scarlett" - "Citizen Hollywood")


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21 Responses to Welcome to MartinTurnbull.com & TheGardenofAllah.com

  1. Cher Bucknam says:

    How do I get your books? Do you speak at groups? I would love to have you speak at one of my small groups and sell your books. Do you charge to speak?

  2. Robert A. Danford says:

    Have you ever given any consideration to writing a screenplay about Sheriff Gene Biscaluz, or Peter J. Pitchess? Pete would be a scandal in itself.

  3. Jeri Longeway says:

    Hello, Martin,
    I just ordered your first two books yesterday in Kindle form from Amazon. When is your third novel coming out? These look so interesting, and I’m sure I will love them.

  4. Steve Wylder says:

    I’m enjoying “The Garden on Sunset” immensely, and I’m impressed with your research. Your character Gwendolyn Brick from Hollywood, Florida reminded me of something that happened in the 1980s when Hollywood, CA wanted to make its name a registered trademark. Representatives from the other Hollywoods met in that Florida city to oppose the move, including some people from the Hollywood neighborhood of Brookfield, Illinois. Their story was that Virginia Whitley, who was from the Chicago area, took the name Hollywood from this little community west of Chicago. I haven’t seen it anywhere on the Web, but I was living in Oak Park at the time and remember reading about it in the Chicago Tribune. Have you heard this story–it was something of a mark of pride in the neighborhood?

    • Thanks, Steve. I do remember reading about Hollywood, CA’s attempt to trademark the name and all the other Hollywoods around the country rallying to stop them from doing that. There are several stories about how Hollywood (CA) got its name but most of them talk about how Mrs. Daeida Wilcox came by the name, and the story most often quoted is that she was on a train heading east and struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger whose property back in the mid-west was named Hollywood. Whatever the story, it was pretty ballsy of Hollywood, CA to try and claim the name as their exclusive property but hey, that’s Hollywood!

  5. Russ Taylor says:

    I truly loved the first and second book. Can’t wait to read the next one.

    • Thanks so much for your note, Russ. I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed them so much. Watch this space for news of number three! (Or you could join my mailing list: http://eepurl.com/qzg99 )

    • Russ Taylor says:

      Just finished the 3rd book and it was wonderful. I left a review at Amazon. Would you ever consider doing a couple more books to go it the 40′s?

      • Hi Russ, Thanks for your note and your review. You’ll be pleased to know that I have six more books planned for this series – I have a 1940s trilogy and a 1950s trilogy planned. I’m glad you’ve liked all three books so far because there’s lots more where that came from!

  6. John Lewis says:

    Martin — I was slogging my way through Jonathan Littell’s “The Kindly Ones” when, at page 335, my eyes started to bleed. I realized, at that point, I needed an antidote to so-called literary fiction. That’s when I stumbled across “The Garden on Sunset”. Thank you! It proved to be as frothy as a peppermint milkshake at Schwab’s, as tasty as a Gin Rickey at The Clover Club, as entertaining as Alice Faye at Earl Carroll’s, and as fun as a dance marathon at the Pan-Pacific. “The Trouble With Scarlett” arrives from Amazon tomorrow, and I now anxiously await “Citizen Hollywood”. Until time travel can literally transport me back to Hollywood in the 30s and 40s, the Garden of Allah series will do just fine. A fan.

    • John, thank you so much for your note. It’s letters like these that help keep me writing on tough plotting days! I’m so glad that you could find an antidote to Littell’s Nazi Germany – if anything could stop those bleeding eyeballs, it’s a peppermint shake at Schwab’s! Thanks again for taking the time to contact me – much appreciated!

  7. Donna Davies says:

    Dear Martin
    At Linda’s birthday (which was fab) she had the most amazing cake. A yummy replica of your 2nd book!!!! I felt bad that I hadn’t read it so that night I downloaded both books & just finished the first one. It was absolutely fantastic!! I loved it so much!!! I want to visit the garden of alla! Starting 2nd book now…. Ooh how exciting. Snuggled in my Pjs , cuppa tea, cold Melbourne night & your book , what else could I ask for???
    Keep up the awesome writing!
    Donna Davies
    Alias Gussy lindas buddy from BHS.

  8. cw says:

    you have a picture of the OLD hollywoodland sign on the site. looks like Brand Blvd in glendale? wondering if i am that far off… was the sign moved.

  9. Cinnamon says:

    It was such a pleasure to hear you talk about Alla Nazimova and the Garden of Allah last night at Antebellum. I look forward to attending another :-)

  10. Debra Fryd says:

    Dear Martin,
    Thank you so much for writing about ” The Golden Age of Hollywood”, a subject that I am passionate about.
    I loved reading ” The Garden on Sunset”, and immensely enjoyed ” The Trouble with Scarlett”. Soon I will be beginning ” Citzen Hollywood” with great enthusiasm.
    Please continue to write about this marvelous and glamorous era of the studio system.
    Now, if I only had a Scwab’s drugstore’s Bavarian chocolate mint bar at hand!

    • Dear Debra,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop me a note – especially one so enthusiastic about my work. I am so very glad that you’ve enjoyed my first two books and feel fairly secure in saying that if you like the first two, you’ll also enjoy “Citizen Hollywood.” I think it’s the best one but perhaps I’m not the one to judge! Let me know what you think when you’re done with it.

      If you have the chance, could I ask you to write a review on either (or both…or all!) of my books? Each review helps boost an author’s profile on Amazon so I’d really appreciate it. Just give it the number of stars you think it deserves and perhaps mention a few of the things you liked about it. That’d be great, thanks! Here is the link to my author page on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1oDWGqE

      If you’re prefer not, that’s fine too, but do get back to me and let me know what you think of book 3

      And YES! Don’t I wish those Bavarian chocolate bars at Schwab’s were still around. From all accounts, they were DELISH!

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